Modals with “Not” 2 - Must not, Do not have to

Modals with “Not” 2 - Must not, Do not have to

For each space, decide whether "don't have to" or "mustn't" is best, then type in the correct form.

Type all of your answers and then click on "Check answers".
Making an Omelettefried egg

Making an omelette is easy. You be a great chef to do it. Here are some basic instructions:

1. First, break some eggs into a bowl. Break them carefully. You let any of the shell get into the omelette!

2. Next, mix up the eggs. You use a special food processor — mixing them with a fork is fine.

3. Then, heat some oil in a pan. Olive oil is best, but you use olive oil. You can use ordinary corn oil if you want. You let the oil get too hot, or it will start to burn.

4. Pour the egg mixture into the pan, and mix it a little.

5. When the egg mixture gets a little hard, fold it in half. It be very hard — just enough so that you can fold it.

6. After a couple of minutes, turn the omelette over. Be careful! You break it.

7. When the omelette is cooked, serve it immediately. You let it go cold, or it will taste horrible.