Common Animals

This page gives you the names of some common animals.

  This is an elephant. It has a long nose, called a trunk.
  This is a raccoon. It sometimes steals garbage from city homes.
  This is a deer. Do you see the antlers on its head? It lives in the forest.
  This is a bear. It eats fish. It has large feet, called paws. It can be dangerous.
  This is a bison. It is often called a buffalo. It has a large head. In the past, people hunted it for food. There used to be a lot of bison in North America, but now there are not many left.
  This is a cougar. It is a type of large cat. It lives in forests and hunts deer.
  This is a beaver. It lives in the water and is a famous Canadian animal. There is a picture of a beaver on the Canadian 5-cent coin.
  This is a whale. This is the largest animal in the sea. Many people like to go on whale-watching trips. This is very popular in Victoria.
  This is a giraffe. It uses its long neck to eat the leaves high up in tall trees. It lives in Africa.
  This is a sheep. People get wool from this animal to make clothing.
dolphin   This is a dolphin. It lives in the sea. People think the dolphin is very intelligent.
fox   This is a fox. It has red fur, a long tail, and a pointed nose. Sometimes, it steals chickens from farms.

When you are sure that you understand these words, you can continue with the exercises.