Two Sisters and the Cat

Two Sisters and the Cat

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   answered      arrived      asked      come      died      got      knew      lives      loved      put      remembered      said      saw      stopped      took      visited      waited      walked   
a cat hanging from a tree limbMrs. Wilson and Mrs. Smith are sisters. Mrs. Wilson in a house in Duncan and Mrs. Smith lives in a condominium in Victoria. One day Mrs. Wilson her sister. When her sister the door Mrs. Wilson tears in her eyes. "What's the matter?" she . Mrs. Smith said, "My cat Sammy last night and I have no place to bury him."

a woman cryingShe began to cry again. Mrs. Wilson was very sad because she her sister the cat very much. Suddenly Mrs. Wilson said, "I can bury your cat in my garden in Duncan and you can and visit him sometimes. Mrs. Smith crying and the two sisters had tea together and a nice visit.

a busIt was now five o'clock and Mrs. Wilson it was time for her to go home. She on her hat, coat and gloves and Mrs. Smith put the dead Sammy into a shopping bag. Mrs. Wilson the shopping bag and to the bus stop. She a long time for the bus so she bought a newspaper. When the bus she got on the bus, sat down and put the shopping bag on the floor beside her feet. She then began to read the newspaper. When the bus arrived at her bus stop, she off the bus and walked for about two minutes. Suddenly she she left the shopping bag on the bus.

[Story by Laurie Buchanan]