Our teachers

ELC teachers are TESOL-trained university graduates with experience teaching in other countries as well as in Canada. The patience and creativity they bring to each English class will help you feel supported, inspired and ready to learn!

Our classes

Our approach to teaching English includes two special features:

  • an "integrated skills curriculum" which builds skills in all language areas
  • "team teaching": an approach in which two teachers work as partners, doubling the expertise and support you’ll receive in the classroom.

In your daily ELC English classes, you can expect to:

  • Explore new ideas in group discussions
  • Gain confidence using English in a variety of situations
  • Receive 1:1 support from your teachers
  • Work with classmates on projects and activities
  • Have FUN!

Our levels 

The first day of on-campus ELC programs includes a placement test, with both a reading and listening section. Based on the results of your test, we’ll place you in a class that’s at the right level for you for the duration of your program

ELC level: 9 and 12-Week Programs ELC level: Monthly Programs IELTS CEFR TOEFL IBT
200 Level 1 3-3.5 A2   29-30
330 Level 2 3.5-4 A2+ 39-52
410 Level 3 4-4.5 B1   52-64
490 Level 4 5-5.5 B2   64-79
570 Level 5 5.5-6 B2+ 79
UAP Level 6 6-6.5 C1   79-94
  • Please note that these levels are general equivalents to give students an idea of their placement. The ELC placement test will be the sole factor in placing students in classes.
  • Please note that students who move from one program to another will need to re-test.

After the program

When you complete your program, you will receive a Certificate of Participation and a Record of Grade. Studying English at one of Canada’s best universities is a major accomplishment and your ELC program will be a proud addition to your resume or CV.