The ELC has a few options for you to pay application fees, deposits and tuition.

Accepted forms of payment:

  • credit card
  • Western Union GlobalPay for Students
  • bank wire
  • other payment options

Credit card payments

We accept the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

If you indicate on your application that you would like to pay by credit, the ELC will send you an email message with a link to an online payment form. Once your payment has been processed you will receive a receipt to confirm payment.

Important: credit cards often have limits on international transactions, so your payment could be delayed or unsuccessful because of this limit. Please check with your bank first.

Western Union GlobalPay for Students

(for students applying from outside Canada only)

Through Western Union GlobalPay for Students service, you can pay tuition in your own currency without international wire fees.

To make a tuition payment using Western Union GlobalPay for Students:

  1. Access the Western Union GlobalPay for Students system using your UVic student number and preferred contact email address.
  2. Pay the total amount on your account summary to the ELC using payment type “03-English Language Centre”.
  3. Select your local currency. The amount owing in your local currency will be automatically calculated.
  4. Select who is making the payment from the ‘Who is Paying’ drop-down list and complete the required payment details fields. If the payer is different from the student, you can enter payer details here.
  5. Confirm your quote by agreeing to the total cost in your home currency and agree to the conditions.
  6. Payment instructions will be sent to the email address provided. Print the payment instructions, take them to your bank and follow the instructions to transfer the required amount to Western Union Business Solutions.

    Note: The payment must be completed within 72 hours. If the 72 hour period has elapsed and you have not made the payment at your bank, go back to the Western Union GlobalPay for Students site to obtain a new quote. The expiry date is noted on the payment instructions page.

For students paying from India and Korea

Follow the steps above. Your payment instructions will direct you to make your payment through a specific bank in your home country.

For students paying from China

There are three different options to make a payment to Western Union Business Solutions (see details on these options). Simply follow the steps above and choose your payment option when selecting your local currency on the GlobalPay for Students website.

Bank wire payments

To pay by bank wire, please:

  • list the "University of Victoria" as the beneficiary
  • write your name on the bank wire
  • email or fax a copy of the bank wire to us at +1-250-721-8774

Send bank wire to:

Royal Bank of Canada
1079 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC  V8W 2C5
Transit #08000
Institution #003
Account #000-009-1

Other payment options

The ELC will accept international money orders, bank drafts or cheques in Canadian dollars from a Canadian bank account.

All payments should be to the University of Victoria noting the student’s name. Please mail or courier the financial document to:

Mailing Address

Courier Address

English Language Centre
Division of Continuing Studies
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC  V8W 2Y2

English Language Centre
University of Victoria
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC  V8P 5C2