Dr. Richard Hebda



Dr. Richard Hebda has been curator (Botany and Earth History) at the Royal British Columbia Museum for 38 years and adjunct faculty at the University of Victoria for 33 years. He curated the Climate and Climate Change exhibit at the museum and was the first faculty coordinator of the Restoration of Natural Systems program at the University of Victoria. He studies vegetation and climate history of BC, climate change and its impacts, ecology and origins of alpine ecosystems and botany of grasses. Richard is co-author of 130+ scientific papers and 250+ popular articles on native plants and climate change, and he is co-author/editor of several books and major reports including reports on climate change for NGOs. He appears often on TV and radio, and in newspaper interviews. Richard has received the Queen’s Jubilee medal for his work in palaeontology and the national Bruce Naylor Award for natural history curatorship in 2015.

Courses taught by this instructor

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Dr. Richard Hebda