Public Relations

Put PR theory into PR practice.

A career in public relations can be incredibly varied and rewarding. Today’s public relations professionals are required to serve the needs of their own organization and those of its public. Our online diploma program will provide you with knowledge, skills and practical applications in the following areas:

  • strategic methods to manage public relations and communications planning programs
  • exploration of a broad range of topics that comprise public relations practice including media relations, issues management, crisis communication, use of effective communication tools, communication planning
  • the history, evolution, and theory of the public relations profession

Diploma in Public Relations

Recognized by the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS), the Diploma Program in Public Relations prepares you to think critically, develop teamwork skills and a strong work ethic, and manage your time while working under the pressure of deadlines and multiple projects.

Offered exclusively online, you can take the program part-time while you work, or choose the fast-track option to progress through the program at a faster rate.

Public relations courses

All public relations courses are part of the Diploma Program in Public Relations. You must be admitted to the program before you can register for these courses.


Courses open for registration

General Studies

This flexible certificate program allows you to customize a course of study to meet your specific learning goals.
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Public Relations

Our online PR diploma program gives you the theory, skills and credential you need to set yourself apart in the competitive public relations and communications industry. This program is beneficial to those working in either public or private sector, and can be an excellent professional development option for virtually any career level.
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Weaving a life of Passion

To the average PR professional, the word "spin" does not have a positive connotation. But Michelle Mitchell, a graduate of the Public Relations diploma program at Continuing Studies, is not your average PR professional. She loves to spin!

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PR graduate Sandra Richardson is awarded honorary degree

The weeks leading up to the convocation ceremonies are always exciting at Continuing Studies at UVic, as we celebrate the accomplishments of our many graduates.

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What is Influencer Marketing?

By: Yin Maung, instructor in the Public Relations diploma program Influencer marketing has exploded over the last couple of years.

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Listen Up: Success Through Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is defined as the process of involving "any group or individual who can affect or is affected by the achievement of the organization's objectives" (E. Freeman).  It is a key component in the practice of Public Relations (PR), so much so that we offer a new PR elective course, Community and Stakeholder Relations, dedicated to it. 

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The Art of Persuasion

Would you like to have more influence in your professional or personal life and impress others with the merits of your ideas?  Are you ready to master the art of persuasion?  How many times have you presented an idea in a team meeting only to have your idea fall flat? Have you ever pitched an idea to your boss and got a blank stare?

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Public Relations: A Natural Fit for an Outgoing and Communicative Personality

Public Relations really chose me more than I chose it. Throughout my life I’ve always been an outgoing and gregarious person who enjoys bringing diverse personalities together. From a career perspective I’ve naturally gravitated to roles that allow me to interact with the public and work with people to achieve mutual understanding and consensus.

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Finding Space

One of the brightest smiles and bubbliest personalities in our office belongs to Laura Vizina, our Director of Health Sciences and Public Relations Programs.

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Public Relations Newsletter 2017

An update from our Public Relations Diploma program: Student Feature: Dawn Deguire; new instructor for Ethics & PR course, 2018 Schedule, Convocation News and more...

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Public Relations Newsletter 2018

An update from our Public Relations Diploma program: new elective Leadership Excellence in PR, Q &A with instructor Anna Marie White, 2019 Schedule, Convocation News and more...

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Effecting Change by Murdering Assumptions

What do you get when you mix a journalist with a track athlete, a forest-firefighter from the Yukon, a government civil servant, a philanthropist, a writer and a teacher together? Just a few lines of this man’s CV.

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On Intellectual Fraud

Fraud has many roots, but one of them stems from weakened minds nurtured by the fraudulent use of information. Buying-in to fraudulent facts, data, and reason at any level has dire consequences.

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Public Relations Newsletter: September 2016

An update from our Public Relations Diploma program: Student Feature: Kathryn Dafos; Program News; Interview with new instructor Sarah Harasymchuk; Convocation News and more...

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Sandra Richardson: Order of British Columbia

It’s always fun to see the names of our students and alumni pop up in the news from time to time, and it was particularly exciting this past week when we saw that one of our alumni, Sandra Richardson, is being awarded the Order of British C

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New Program: Certificate in General Studies

Have you ever wanted to design your own credential? Have you ever struggled to find a program that meets your specific interests and needs? Then you might be interested in our newest program: the Certificate in General Studies.

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Public Relations Newsletter: September 2015

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Public Relations Program This year the University of Victoria's Public Relations Program celebrates its 20th anniversary.

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Public Relations Newsletter: September 2014

Interview with Dr. Faith Collins, Founder of the Public Relations Program We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Faith Collins and ask a few questions about the Public Relations Program. Learn how it began and what it has become.

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Public Relations Newsletter: September 2013

Student Profile: Jennifer Cox, graduate of the Diploma Program in Public Relations Jennifer is feature editor of the Comox Valley Record's About Town publication.

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Jennifer Cox- Story of a PR graduate

"This program gave me the credential to step forward and demonstrate new skills to my employer."

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Lori Elder

My career in communications began in 1987 upon graduation from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. I graduated with a degree in communications and was lucky enough to secure a coveted internship at KATU Channel 2 (an ABC affiliate) working as assistant producer of a local children's television show.

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