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Writing and Literature

Tell your story.

Is there a story inside you, waiting to be set free? Do you want to be a writer, but don't know where to begin? Then consider taking a writing course through Continuing Studies at UVic. Our Writing and Literature courses are taught by professional, well-respected authors who help to nurture your stories from idea to outline, and first draft to final product. Courses are offered in several different writing genres, including:

  • storytelling
  • literature
  • writing for children
  • memoir
  • screenwriting
  • poetry
  • travel writing
  • journalism
  • fiction (short and long)

Chronicle the stories of your life, or create a whole new universe—the only limit is your imagination.


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Summer Arts Series

Annual summer arts series for professional and practicing artists, and UVic alumni.
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Become your own editor

Editing your own work is not an easy task. You've written it down, think it’s brilliant, or at least passable, and now it's time to edit. It’s difficult to edit your own work for several reasons.

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Reconstructing Holocaust histories through visual narratives

"Imagine saying to a Holocaust survivor: 'We'd like to do a comic about your life," chuckles Charlotte Schallié, professor of Germanic Studies and chair of UVic's Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies. It seems, at the surface, like an absurd request.

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Get Creative: Five ways to tap into your creativity

There are several well-known health benefits to engaging in creative endeavors, but sometimes actually getting into a right headspace is easier said than done. So what are some things you can do to get those creative juices flowing?

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How arts benefits us all, as humans

From the earliest markings upon cave walls, to the rhythmic beating of drums, cultural dance or even the creation of written language, people have been driven to express themselves through art since the earliest days of our species.

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Following your joy

When you love what you’re doing, balancing a career, family and school is easy. At least according to Kristin Wiens, who started her first class with Continuing Studies as a single mother of two pursuing a Diploma in Intercultural Education, while concurrently completing a degree in Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics at UVic.

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