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Our diverse range of communication programs and courses are designed to prepare you with the skills necessary to excel in personal, professional and public spheres. By studying different elements of communication, you will gain critical thinking abilities, enhance your written and verbal communication skills, and learn how to navigate and leverage various media platforms. Whether you're looking to improve your interpersonal interactions, succeed in a corporate environment, or pursue a career in media, our courses will support you to become a confident and persuasive communicator. Explore our offerings and start your journey toward becoming a skilled communicator today. 

Business Communication programs 

Sharpen your verbal and written communication skills in this versatile Business Communication micro-certificate. Effective communication is a vital part of the workplace and our courses will help you develop interpersonal skills, build constructive relationships, and discover practical tools to strengthen inclusivity and cultural competencies. 

Crisis Communication programs 

The Crisis Communication for Public Relations Professionals  online micro-certificate is designed for communicators seeking to enhance their skills and expertise to develop, implement, and assess robust crisis communication plans. Exploring crisis communication theories and real-world case studies, you will learn to navigate the complexities of crisis preparation, craft narratives for tumultuous times, ready spokespersons, effectively engage with media and social platforms, and navigate through the post-crisis landscapes.

Marketing Communication programs 

Are you ready to become a skilled communicator in the marketing world and have your visions come to life? Learn the building blocks of what makes good marketing, strategy or messaging, while developing strong communication and decision-making skills in our Marketing Communication micro-certificate. 

Communication courses

Some courses under this topic may be taken individually and can be applied to the Certificate or Diploma in Business Administration or the Micro-certificate in Business Communication. Please refer to individual course pages for details. 

Courses open for registration

Business Communication

Effective communication skills can help you go places. This versatile business program provides practical information and easily applied strategies to help you become a confident communicator in any industry.
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Crisis Communication for Public Relations Professionals

The online Crisis Communication for Public Relations Professionals micro-certificate gives you the expertise to develop, implement and evaluate effective crisis communication plans for your organization. You will emerge as a resilient communication, armed with the knowledge and skills to navigate a crisis.
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Marketing Communication

The Micro-certificate in Marketing Communication introduces learners to marketing theory and practices, communication planning and social media communications.
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Professional Communication in the Workplace

This program is for professionals who want to develop communication skills in the workplace in areas such as AI, research, sociocultural nuances and ethical collaboration.
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