Creating a circle of support for FI teachers through mentorship.

Teaching French Immersion (FI) in BC comes with its own unique set of challenges. Sometimes, no matter how passionate we may be about teaching FI, these challenges can lead to frustration and feelings of overwhelm, putting further stress on colleagues and students. The French Immersion Teacher Mentorship program is designed to create a circle of support for FI teachers to re-energize their practice through the sharing of knowledge, best practices, guidance and practical resources. The program pairs experienced FI teachers with those newer to the profession to provide mentoring, professional connections and training workshops. 

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Program description

The new French Immersion Teacher Mentorship is a micro-certificate program that empowers participants through the experience of knowledge-sharing, guidance and coaching in their immersion teaching environments. The mentorship program pairs experienced immersion teachers with newer or less experienced immersion teachers, with the aim of transforming their practice through mentorship, and creating a more engaged and confident workforce. The sharing of common experiences and knowledge will allow for personal and professional growth and, ultimately, help to support increased retention of those teaching in immersion environments. 

Connect with experienced colleagues teaching FI across BC and Canada through stand-alone professional development workshops or become part of our formal French Immersion Teacher Mentorship program where newer and experienced immersion teachers will pair up to facilitate knowledge-sharing, guidance and coaching in their immersion teaching environments.

Offered in partnership with:

Ministère de l'EducationMinistère de l'Éducation de la Colombie-Britannique / Ministry of Education and Child Care

Government of Canada Gouvernement du Canada / The Government of Canada

Program features

  • Unique – topics that are developed and delivered specifically to address the unique needs of a French Immersion classroom
  • Mentoring – connect with experienced immersion educators from across BC and share with other participants to develop a professional community of practice
  • Knowledge and practical skills – get the latest information and learn about best practices and hands-on skills through program workshops
  • Inspiration – workshops are designed to inspire innovation and creativity in your classroom; practices that you will take with you and pass on to your learners

Program outcomes

  • Identify the unique challenges of and skills required to teach in an immersion environment
  • Integrate tools to remain resilient when faced with immersion-based teaching challenges
  • Develop a community of practice by accessing the skills and knowledge of—and collaborating and sharing with—colleagues across the province, in a safe environment
  • Develop coaching and role-modelling skills

Who is this program for?

This program is for new and experienced French Immersion teachers in British Columbia.

Career options

Some of our learners pursue careers in the following roles:
  • French Immersion Teacher
  • Second Language Teacher

Courses and fees

More information on this program will be available in the coming months.

Estimated fees

This program is fully funded for in-service French Immersion teachers in British Columbia. A small registration fee will be required. 

Application information

Admission requirements

The program is open to in-service French Immersion teachers in British Columbia.

How to apply

Our 2023-2024 program will run from January to June 2024. 

Application dates

Starting in
January 2023
Accepting Applications
Apply by
Nov. 30, 2023
Apply online Contact us for more info

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