Collections Management CM FAQ

What sets the Cultural Resource Management and Collections Management programs apart from other academic or professional development programs?

Accessibility. Our broad selection of distance education and short on-campus courses, as well as a variety of enrolment options, makes it possible for you to balance academic study with personal and professional commitments.

Is this program suitable for me?

This program is designed for people who are actively involved in professionally related museum and heritage activities. You are expected to have access to a museum, heritage site or heritage agency— either as an employee or volunteer—to complete many course assignments and to consider your learning in practical contexts. As we offer university-accredited courses, you must also be able to complete the course assignments and readings and be comfortable learning at a university level.

How quickly can I complete the program?

We recommend students register in no more than one or two classes per term, especially if you’re working as well. By registering in two courses per term, you can complete the Professional Certificate in Collections Management in eight to twelve months (depending on course scheduling and elective choice).

Can I complete the entire program online?

Yes, all core/required courses for the PSC in Collections Management are available online. Additionally, there is enough variety for other online courses to complete all elective requirements online.

How do I access my transcripts/tax receipts/grades/change my address?

For credit students, all this and more can be done by logging in to your UVic account through Online Tools.

For non-credit students, you can manage all these things through My Account.

Can I take the Diploma in CRM and PSC in Collections Management at the same time?

Yes. Apply to the Diploma program first and then contact the Program Coordinator for instructions on how to add the PSC CM concurrently to your program. To fulfill the requirements for both the DIPL and the PSC CM, you need to take the core courses for both programs. The core courses for the PSC CM will fulfill three of the electives you would have taken for the DIPL, so your required courses would be:

You will need one more AHVS488 course as your elective for the PSC CM, and two more electives from either the AHVS488 or AHVS489 course series as your final electives to satisfy the Diploma. See the respective program pages for more information. 

I think I’m ready to graduate. What do I need to do?

  1. Declared students may view their program requirements on the degree evaluation report that is accessible from Online Tools. Diploma and Professional Specialization Certificate students will be declared by the Fine Arts Advisor upon admission to the program. Please contact if you have a question about your report.
  2. Review the information for graduating students.
  3. You must apply to graduate, even if you don’t plan to attend convocation, as credentials are not automatically awarded. You should submit your application for graduation through Online Tools.

Who am I learning with?

You’ll learn with museum and heritage professionals from across Canada, the US and around the world. Most participants are seeking to broaden their knowledge and to develop practical skills so they can work more effectively and shape their careers.

Who are my instructors?

Our instructors are distinguished professionals in the museum, heritage and cultural sectors. They draw on a combination of academic and professional experience throughout their courses. You can read some of their bios on the program page. 

Once I’m accepted, when can I start taking courses?

You can register for courses as soon as you are accepted into the program. Students who are already admitted to UVic can register for courses at any time.

How do I register for courses?

  1. Search or browse for the course you want. You can also check the program page to see which courses are available: if the course is open for registration, there will be a green check mark next to it. 
  2. Choose the section you want (credit or non-credit). 
  3. Add the item to your Shop Cart. Note that you will have to login to complete your registration. 
  4. Follow the prompts, enter your payment info and complete the purchase. A receipt will be emailed to you. 

For more information, please see the How to Register page. 

How do I pay for my courses?

For non-credit participants, full tuition is due upon registration.

For credit participants, please see the UVic Accounting’s website on paying tuition.

What is the course withdrawal policy?

Participants may be entitled to a partial refund, depending on date of course drop. See course outline for specific drop deadlines and associated refunds

Students wishing to withdraw from a course—for any reason—must do so by contacting the program office at Do not drop yourself from the course via either Online Tools on the main UVic website or My Account on the Continuing Studies website.


  • NON-CREDIT tuition fees will be fully refundable if you withdraw prior to the course Registration Deadline noted on your receipt. Any withdrawal following that date will be assessed a minimum $100.00 administrative fee.
  • CREDIT STUDENTS are required to pay a deposit of $100 at the time of registration  to the Division of Continuing Studies. This deposit will be REFUNDED following the second day of the Face-to-face class, so long as the student has not withdrawn. In addition to this fee, regular UVic fee reduction deadlines listed in the University of Victoria Calendar apply. Full tuition and student fees for credit students continue to be payable to UVic Accounting.

The University reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses. The University reserves the right to cancel registration for anyone not meeting prerequisites as outlined above.

Can I register for courses without being a program student?

Yes it is possible to register into courses without being a program student, whether as a non-credit student or for credit, applying to Undergraduate Admissions as a Non-degree or Discovery Studies student.

For more information, please contact the Program Office at 250-721-8457 or

I’m working full-time. How many courses should I register for in a term?

Because of the intensive nature of our courses, we would never recommend registering in more than two courses per term. One course per term is average for students also working full-time.

How do I find out which courses are being offered?

Courses currently open for registration are noted by a green check mark. You can search for specific courses, browse all courses, or check the program page for more information. 

How many hours will I need to set aside for each course?

As learning styles vary, so do the hours individuals require for study each week. For online courses, expect to set aside 10-14 hours for forum postings, readings, and activities. Extra hours may be required leading up to assignment deadlines. For face-to-face courses, anticipate three or four hours outside of classroom time per day for readings and assignments.

What textbooks/materials and other resources do I need for courses?

All textbooks and course packs must be purchased through the UVic Bookstore. Additionally, electronic resources for online courses will be linked directly through the course website.

When and why do I need to re-register?

Undergraduate students who did not register at UVic in either of the most recent Winter or Summer Sessions are returning students and must apply using My UVic application.

As a Diploma or Certificate participant, a re-registration fee is required with the Undergraduate Reregistration Application.

The courses say I need a placement at a cultural organization. Will you help with this?

Ultimately, it is up to course registrants to ensure they have appropriate access to a cultural/sector-specific organization as required before committing to registering in a course. If you are having any problems securing a placement or have any questions, please contact the course instructor before registering for the course.

Why do I need a placement at a cultural organization to complete most courses?

Because our programs are professionally-based, most courses will feature assignments that require assess to a sector-specific organization, which will allow you to place your course learning in a real-world context and develop real, applicable, professional skills.  It is important that all your learning is able to be placed within a professional context.

I need help with my writing. Does the department offer assistance?

Any student who needs help with writing is encouraged to visit the Centre for Academic Communication (formerly The Writing Centre) for support developing academic writing and communication skills.

I have a learning disability and need more time for exams and assignments. Who do I contact?

The Centre for Accessible Learning should be your first point of contact before and during your studies. The Center will provide you with resources and support for accessible learning. You should also notify your instructors immediately.

Do I have access to the University Library?

Yes! All students have access to the UVic Library when registered in our courses. If you are a distance student, you can request material through the Library’s Infoline program.

Can I get a bus pass when I register for courses?

To obtain a bus pass, you must a full time student enrolled in 4.5 units of courses or more

You may require a bus pass authorization letter from the Program Office and if so, please contact

How do I opt out of medical/dental coverage?

If you register in two or more courses with us (3.0 units or more), extended health and dental fees will be assessed along with your tuition.

If you choose to opt out of these fees, you will need to contact the University of Victoria Student Society office for assistance in removing them.

Please visit the UVic Student Society website for more information about opting out.

How do I obtain a copy of my diploma/certificate if I can’t attend convocation?

If you have applied to graduate, you will receive an email from UVic in March (spring graduation) or October (fall graduation) with options for receiving your diploma. Your diploma may be withheld if you have any outstanding fees or fines.

For more information about receiving your diploma or requesting a replacement diploma, please visit the Graduation & convocation for undergraduate students webpage.

What are the UVSS Fees for Diploma, Certificate and Non-Degree students?

University of Victoria Students’ Society Fees is applied to students enrolled in off-campus, on-campus and distance education courses, including students in the Diploma in Cultural Resource Management, Certificate Student as well as Discovery Studies and Non-Degree Students. For most of you, taking one or two courses per term, it will mean the addition of up to $40 part-time UVSS membership fee. For more information see the current UVic calendar, Other Undergraduate Fees.

For questions or concerns regarding any of these fees and services, please contact the UVSS website and staff directly at:

University of Victoria Students' Society
Student Union Building B103g
Phone: 250-721-4288

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