La Maison française FAQ - LMF Online

The program officially begins on Tuesday, July 2, 2024 at 9:00 am (PT). All students are required to attend the virtual general assembly as it includes vital information for your success in the program. 

All students will be sent a link to an online French Language Assessment that must be completed a minimum of two weeks prior to start of the program. Students will be divided into levels from beginner to advanced based on their test results. 

No, La Maison Française is 100% remote using the Online Hybrid delivery model so participants are welcome to join from anywhere! 

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Although this is a non-credit program, some institutions may elect to grant credit to their students who have completed La Maison Française at the University of Victoria.

Please contact your current educational institutions Transfer Credit Office for more information.

An Online Synchronous delivery style is when a group of students are engaging in learning at the same time, at a specific time (ie: Zoom).

An Online Asynchronous delivery style is when learning does not occur in the same place or at the same time. It uses resources that facilitate information sharing outside the constraints of time and place among a network of people (ie: Brightspace).

View all five courses delivery styles here. 

You’ll need a computer running Windows or Mac OS. You’ll also need a reliable Internet connection with an up-to-date web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari) using the latest version of the browser. For more information, view our Computer system requirements page for full details. 

Yes. Each participant will be required to virtually attend daily language classes, workshops, and socio-cultural activities. Each participants schedule will vary slightly based on their language proficiency level and chosen workshops/activities. 

Please visit our Tips For Online Learning page for great resources on how to be a successful online learning and make the most of La Maision Française this summer. 

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