Introduction to Canadian Contemporary Issues

Code: CS102
Apply this course towards: Canadian Studies

Course description

An introduction to contemporary issues in Canadian society, including:

  • politics
  • economic and social structures
  • cultural and arts policy
  • science and technology
  • multiculturalism
  • bilingualism
  • First Nations
  • gender

Learning objectives

Upon succesful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the historical development of social policy in Canada.
  • Identify factors related to structural disadvantage in Canada, and their impact with respect to particular groups.
  • Appreciate the complex history of federal policy in Canada with respect to social policy and immigration, and the contemporary challenges.
  • Provide a reasoned assessment of the Canadian experiment with multiculturalism.
  • Describe factors that significantly influence policy development in Canada such as the economy, the media, political structures and ideology.
  • Assess your own theoretical and ideological standpoint with respect to contemporary social issues.
  • Identify and discuss specific social (welfare) policies and programs as they impact the lives of people who live in poverty, including women and Indigenous peoples.
  • Think critically about contemporary policy issues and develop and apply skills for analyzing social policies.
  • Appreciate the historical complexities of Canadian social, economic and political problems, and discuss controversial topics relating to the same with tact and respect.


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How to register

If you are interested in taking this course on a non-credit basis, please call 250-721-7589 for more information. Please note that if you wish to take this course for credit, and you are not currently a UVic student, you will need to apply to the university of Victoria for admission.