With the addition of ELPI – Summer, summer program options at the ELC are more exciting than ever! We thought it would be helpful to clarify what these programs include – and what makes them special:


ELPI – Summer

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Summer Language and Culture

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University Admission Preparation

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What makes it special:

Our longest summer program (9 weeks!)

General ELPI (“4 skills”) curriculum with weekly academic writing classes

Homestay accommodation

Afternoon and evening dormitory activities 

Focus on listening and speaking skills

Optional Business + Professional Communication workshops

-Condensed 4-week UAP curriculum

- Academic focus; satisfies English requirement for UVic degree programs

-UVic credit for Canadian Studies


9 weeks

3-6 weeks

4 weeks

Class Levels:

5: Upper beginner to advanced

5: Upper beginner to advanced

1: Advanced (entry: 6 IELTS)

What’s Included:

25 study hours/week

Learning Centre

Weekly coffee socials and conversation clubs

Optional weekend activities


20 study hours/week

Socio-cultural workshops

Culture Nights

Daily, evening AND weekend activities

20 study hours/week

Study Skills workshop

Note-taking workshop

Writing clinics

Weekend activities


UVic Homestay

Homestay (June); Dormitories (July-Aug)

UVic Dormitories

Start dates:


June, July, August


  • Posted February 19, 2019