Milton Lira Santos


“I had many opportunities to improve my English skills quickly at the ELC. After regular classes, I visited two special places: the CALL Facility and the Study Centre. The CALL Facility has computers for us to use for homework, presentations and making posters. The Study Centre has pronunciation classes, active English classes and volunteers to talk with.

Also, the Cultural Assistants are terrific because they organize interesting activities like playing soccer, basketball, volleyball, ice skating, visiting parks like Goldstream, or chatting in the Coffee Socials. On weekends, I could buy some tickets offered at a minimal cost from the ELC at UVic, so I watched hockey games, went whale watching, and visited the world-famous Butchart Gardens. I will never forget these experiences.”

What's it like living in Victoria?

Victoria is a wonderful place to live. We can play sports, hang out with our friends and study at one of the best universities in Canada. My host family came from England, so I learned about rugby, golf, tennis and how make British tea. I am surprised because now I have friends from around the world.

Best advice for new students

In my opinion, living in Victoria and studying at the University of Victoria is the best way to improve your English skills.

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Milton Lira Santos