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Summer Arts Series

Course Series

The Division of Continuing Studies, in partnership with the Faculty of Fine Arts and Alumni Relations at the University of Victoria, is looking forward to offering the second edition of the Summer Arts Series.

Second edition

Our theme for 2023 is Arts and Technology. The evolution of technology has changed the way art is created and shared, inviting new arts forms and ways of engaging with audiences.

Request for proposals

The Division of Continuing Studies invites proposals from UVic Fine Arts Alumni, sessional instructors and graduate students for the delivery of workshops and lectures for the 2023 Summer Arts Series. These non-credit workshops are for working professionals in arts careers as well as interested members of the public looking to gain new knowledge, skills and explore the creative process. View details


Past sessions: 


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What makes the Summer Arts Series series unique?

Each session is taught by celebrated UVic alumni

 Learn practical skills to transform UVic fine arts knowledge into career opportunities

Engage with alumni who are successful in their chosen career