Korean courses

Have you been interested in learning about “한류”(Hallyu or the Korean Wave)? If you’re interested in learning about the Korean language and culture, you’ll love this course.

Which Korean level should I take? 

Level 1

In this introduction to Korean, designed for those who have no previous knowledge of the language, you’ll learn to read and write “Hangul”, the Korean alphabet, “survival” words, and daily expressions in modern Korean culture. By the end of the course, you will be able to carry on basic conversations on topics such as dining out and shopping.

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Level 2

This fun and interactive course is a continuation of Korean - Level 1 (formerly Introductory). It is also designed for people with some written and oral communication skills in the Korean language. At the end of the course, students will be able to communicate a bit more fluently in Korean in daily life. For example, they will be able to set up their own appointments, ask for and follow directions, and make a phone call in Korean! Finally, students will also be able to enjoy Korean modern pop culture.

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Level 3

This course is for those who have already completed Korean - Level 2 (formerly Beginner), or who have some basic communication skills, vocabulary and sentence patterns. In this course, you will deepen your understanding of basic grammar and sentence construction, and expand your vocabulary to be able to: make inquiries about public transportation, make reservations for hotels or restaurants, and more. You will also broaden your understanding of Korean modern pop culture.

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We encourage students to participate in our language courses more than one time in order to truly learn the material taught over 10 lessons. It also gives you additional exposure to varying activities within each topic.

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