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These materials are available for use by teachers and students in a non-profit, educational context. Teachers may make copies for students with credit provided to the University of Victoria's English Language Centre. Linking to these materials does not require our permission.

Creative Commons Licence

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ELC Study Zone by University of Victoria's English Language Centre is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Microsoft clipart: Used with permission from Microsoft (Terms: Please see media restriction below.

Media Restriction: Media elements may not be licensed or distributed “on a stand-alone basis or as part of any collection, product or service where the primary value of the product or service are the Media Elements.” This restriction is specifically for clipart from Microsoft. Images in general may not be used outside the context of the rest of the material on each page. Please see the attribution section below.


While some clipart on the site is in the public domain, most appears courtesy the UVic Humanities Computing and Media Centre and Half-Baked Software. Their stipulation for use follows: "You may use GIF images from this library on your Website as long as you add an acknowledgement to the UVic Humanities Computing and Media Centre and Half-Baked Software somewhere on your site. If you have any enquiries about this clipart library or what you are permitted to do with it, please email us at" (Source:

Image file names prefaced with "ms-" or containing "microsoft" are used with permission from Microsoft, and may not be reused outside of a non-commericial, educational context.

Images from Flickr or other non-public domain sources are attributed on the pages where they appear. They may be reused with attribution following their noted licensing terms.

Please note:

The header graphics include: Canadian geese purchased from iStockPhoto (not public domain); University of Victoria's logo from the University of Victoria (not public domain). These images may not be reused.

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