Pedro Fiúza Neto


I lived for almost 7 months in Victoria, when I had one the most important experience in my life. I learned English a lot, I made many friends and during that time I went to beautiful places in Victoria and another places in Canada. In Victoria I knew the Inner Harbor, Butchart Gardens, Hatley Castle, Craigdarroch Castle, Beacon Hill Park and many others interesting places. I went to unbelievable Banff and Whistler, that I recommend for everyone going to Canada. I saw wild animals living free, for instance deer and bear with little cubs. In conclusion, it was a really great time that I will never forget. I loved that experience!

What's it like living in Victoria?

Living in Victoria is a amazing experience not only because the city is marvelous but mainly because Canadians are extraordinary people. They were extremely kind and friendly with me and my family, who was there with me. My daughters had excellent experience too, studying at Victoria West Elementary School and Rockhights Middle School. My wife learned speaking English at Refugee Center,where  she made many many friends.

Best advice for new students

I advise every new student to study hard and to spend as much time as possible speaking with Canadians. Moreover, they have to seize their time going to the beautiful tourist places that there are in Victoria.

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Pedro Fiúza Neto