• Rainwater Harvesting Series

The Rainwater Harvesting Series consists of three stand-alone sessions: you can register for a single session or receive a discounted rate if you register for the entire series.

2017 Topic: Sustainable Applications

Sustainable practices consider water as a resource and not waste, with a finite amount available to us. Uses for harvested rainwater such as irrigation, flushing, and laundry help to reduce the demand on treated water sources. Managing rainwater at its source – where it contacts the earth or structures such as buildings and pavement – protects the environment from floods, helps to introduce water into the soil and ground water supply, and can reduce pollution. Best practices in the design and implementation of rainwater systems at all scales are presented and discussed, with examples from the surrounding region.     

Ken Nentwig, BLA, MLA, CLIP, CLD. A retired landscape architect, Ken is an educator who has developed rainwater harvesting and management training for the Canadian Association for Rainwater Management (CANARM) as well as an online course with Gaia College. He is involved with the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) education program and consults with developers, builders, landscapers, and rainwater practitioners in best practices for rainwater system installations.  

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Rainwater Harvesting for Stormwater Management, Fire Protection and Flushing Uses

Intended for homeowners, builders, and developers, this session involves discussing the various use demands for rainwater and best practices for system design and installation.
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Rainwater Harvesting Installations Field Trip

Within the CRD there are numerous rainwater systems, which will be explored in a half-day field trip. Transportation will be the responsibility of participants, with location details and directions to be shared in the fall.
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Rainwater Harvesting Approvals

With so many groups involved in approvals for potential rainwater harvesting systems, an overview of where things are ‘at’ will be useful for homeowners, practitioners and builders. An evaluation of approval processes and existing municipal programs, codes, and strata/commercial applications within the CRD will be presented in this session, including project examples.
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