• Carbon Reduction Plans Series

These sessions offer participants a deeper understanding of various government programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The talks provide participants with simple analytical tools to help assess claims, going well beyond media summaries of the issues. With these tools, participants will be able to more confidently engage in discussions and make choices related to this critical issue. We will also discuss questions about economic growth, consumption and equity in the context of reducing carbon emissions. Any single session or combination can be taken. 

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Carbon Pricing

This session is devoted to a centrally important climate reduction strategy, carbon pricing. It will compare the British Columbia carbon tax with the federal and other carbon pricing schemes.
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Carbon Reduction Programs and Policies

We will look at other greenhouse gas reduction policies, such as low carbon fuel standards, vehicle carbon emission standards or subsidy programs for building upgrades and clean emission vehicle purchases.
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Climate Plans

This session will examine federal and selected provincial climate plans, looking at plan components such as greenhouse gas targets, baselines, actions and carbon accounting.
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