A warm welcome to our new Program Assistant, Gina Anderson! Gina has just started in her role, but she will soon be up to speed and able to answer your questions by email (artssci1@uvic.ca) or phone (250-721-8458). Our former Program Assistant, Jennifer Sainz, has taken on another position in Continuing Studies and we wish her the best!

Upcoming courses

Summer 2017 course registration is now open! There are also two Spring 2017 electives that still have space available. Please call the Continuing Studies registration desk (250) 472-4747 or stop by in person (2nd floor, Continuing Studies Building) to register.


Restoration of Natural Systems Program

Spring 2017 term

  • ER 338B (Special Topics: Fire Ecology) – February 23 to 27 (In person)
  • ER335B (Restoration of Marine Aquatic Systems) – March 17 to 21 (In person)

Summer 2017 term

  • ER 312A (Field Study in Ecological Restoration I) – May 2 to 6 (In person)
  • ER 327 (Ecorestoration Strategies: Case Studies) – May 1 to July 31 (online)
  • ER 336 (Leadership Skills for Ecological Restoration) – June 7 to 11 (In person)
  • ER 390 (Environmental Restoration Project) and ER 400 (Seminar in Environmental Restoration) - May 1 to July 31 (Independent work)
  • ER 412 (formerly ER 411) – Galiano Island Field Study – May 5 to 14 (on Galiano Island) (Details: http://es441.weebly.com/blog)


Ecological Restoration Program

Summer 2017 term

  • *NEW* ER 505 (Special Topics: Climate Change in Ecological Restoration) – May 1 to July 31 (online)

Program News

Students out in the field

New course! ER505: Climate Change in Ecological Restoration

Development of our new course in the Ecological Restoration Professional Specialization Certificate is well underway! Join us for this unique course that will address various aspects of climate change in a restoration context and challenge you to consider climate change implications in your restoration activities. The course will be offered in the Summer 2017 term and registration is now open. Students in the ER program may use this course towards the program requirements, but the course may also be taken for interest.


REMINDER - Val Schaefer’s Study Leave

The Academic Administrator of the restoration programs, Val Schaefer, will be on study leave until May 1, 2017. While Val is on leave, Don Eastman (deastman@uvic.ca) will be available to assist you with your ER390 project and ER400 presentation, and will grade projects submitted this term. Don was the Academic Administrator for the RNS Program for several years and we welcome his expertise.


Updated Five Year Course Plans – RNS and ER Programs

We’ve recently updated our five year course plan for the RNS program (find it here) and the ER program (find it here). Contact us if you need assistance with course planning or have questions about upcoming courses.


Course Experience Survey

Your feedback is essential to continually improve our courses. Don’t forget to complete the Course Experience Survey that is emailed to you as each course draws to a close. We really appreciate it!


REMINDER - Checking Your Grades

As we will no longer be automatically emailing Records of Grade upon course completion, we encourage you to log on and check your final grades online. Depending on whether you are a credit or non-credit student, there are different places to check your final course grades.

  • If you are an RNS diploma (credit) student: you can view your grades by logging in to the UVic home page and searching under "My online tools".
  • If you are an RNS certificate or ER certificate (non-credit) student: you can view your grades by logging in to the Continuing Studies website. Click on “My Account” near the top right of the page, then click on “Transcripts, Reports, Tax Forms” on the left hand side menu and select Administrative Transcript.

Other updates


Tax information

Looking for a copy of your T2202A tuition receipt for income tax purposes? It’ll be available for download by the end of February.

  • If you are an RNS Diploma (credit) student: you can view and print your T2202A by logging in to the UVic home page and searching under “My online tools”.

  • If you are an RNS Certificate or ER Certificate (non-credit) student: you can view and print your T2202A by logging in to the Continuing Studies website. Click on “My Account” near the top right of the page, then click on “Tax Forms” on the left hand side menu.



Learn about job postings, course schedules, and restoration news on our Restoration and Sustainability LinkedIn page! Click here (https://www.linkedin.com/company/3698749?trk=hp-feed-company-name) to join.


Looking for work?

For those of you living in and around Victoria, the Gorge Waterway Action Society is seeking to fill two job positions for Ecological Restoration Technician and Education Outreach Officer. Application deadline is March 5 – please click on the links above for more details.


Join us on LinkedIn

Get job postings, course schedules and restoration news!

For more information:

Laura Biggs, Program Coordinator 250-721-8463 | ecorestoration@uvic.ca

Jennifer Sainz, Program Assistant 250-721-8458 | artssci1@uvic.ca

Val Schaefer, Academic Administrator 250-472-4387 | schaefer@uvic.ca

Register: 250-472-4747 or 2nd floor of Continuing Studies Building, weekdays 8:30am to 4:30pm.

We also have a variety of science- and sustainability-themed community courses coming up this spring! Click here for more details.

  • Posted Feb. 2, 2017