There are lots of exciting courses and events coming up – read on for details!

Upcoming courses

Fall course registration is NOW OPEN and Spring course registration will open August 1, 2017. Courses can fill up fast, so be sure to register early to get your seat. Please call the Continuing Studies registration desk (250) 472-4747 or stop by in person (2nd floor, Continuing Studies Building) to register.


Restoration of Natural Systems Program


  • ER 312B (Field Study in Ecological Restoration II) – September 21-25 (In person)

  • ER 313 (Biodiversity and Conservation Biology) – September 5 to December 3 (online) 

  • ER 352 (Non-Timber Forest Products and Sustainable Use) – September 5 to December 10 (online) 

  • ER 325 (Ecosystems of BC, Canada and the World) – November 10 to 14 (In person) 

  • ER 326 (Traditional Systems of Land and Resource Management) – November 11 to 15 (In person)

  • ER 390 (Environmental Restoration Project) and ER 400 (Seminar in Environmental Restoration) are available for registration in the Fall 2017 term – contact Val Schaefer ( to discuss your project.



  • ER 311 (Principles and Concepts of Ecological Restoration) – January 2 – April 1 (online)

  • ER 314 (Ethical, Legal, and Policy Aspects of Environmental Restoration) – January 2 – April 1 (online) 

  • ER 334 (Soil Conservation and Restoration) February 28-March 4 (In person)

  • ER 335A (Restoration of Freshwater Aquatic Systems) March 14-18 (In person)

  • ER 390 (Environmental Restoration Project) and ER 400 (Seminar in Environmental Restoration) are available for registration in the Fall 2017 term – contact Val Schaefer ( to discuss your project.


Ecological Restoration Program


  • ER 501 (Design Principles for Natural Processes) – September 5 to December 10 (Online)


  • ER 502 (Ecosystem Design Through Propagation of Native Plants) – January 2 to April 1 (Online)

Program News

Students out in the field

New Restoration Program Coordinator

The new RNS and ER Program Coordinator, Tusa Shea, started her position on June 12th. She comes to the program from the Cultural Resource Management program at the Division of Continuing Studies. Tusa looks forward to meeting you, and encourages you to get in touch with any questions you might have about your program or upcoming courses. 


Reminder - Five-Day Courses

Our 5-day on-campus courses involve work both before the course starts and after the course ends. Normally there is pre-reading and an assignment due when the course starts, and one or more assignments due approximately one month after the course ends. Please take this into account when planning your course schedule, and check with the program office about the course workload if you are registering for a 5-day course less than 2 weeks before the start date.


Five Year Course Plan – RNS Program

Are you looking to plan out your program completion? Our updated five year course plan for the RNS program can be found here. Contact us if you need assistance with course planning or have questions about upcoming courses.


Nearing Graduation?

If you have completed most of your program courses, we encourage you to contact the Program Coordinator to prepare for graduation and ensure that all program requirements are complete. Remember that degree students must apply to graduate from both programs at the SAME TIME in order to share courses between programs.


Submit Suggestions for our Student Resources Webpage

As part of the new Continuing Studies website, there is a new link for restoration-related student resources. Check it out here: Suggestions for the page are welcome!

Other updates

Students out in the field

Save the Date – GOERT Colloquium 

The Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team and the Restoration of Natural Systems Program have teamed up again to and will offer another research colloquium this fall. It will be on Friday, November 17, from 8:30-4:00 at the University of Victoria campus in the Cadboro Commons Building (same as last year). More information about the research theme and the speaker schedule will be available in early Fall at


Val Schaefer Guest Edits Sitelines

The August issue of the BCSLA Newsletter, Sitelines, is being guest edited by our own program Adademic Administrator, Dr. Val Schaefer, and features articles by a number of current and former students of the RNS and ER programs at UVic, as well as current partners. Copies will be available online here:


WEEC in Vancouver, Sep 9-15, 2017

The World Environmental Education Congress is being held in Vancouver from Sep 9-15,2017 ( RNS Program Academic Administrator, Dr. Val Schaefer, and Program Coordinator, Tusa Shea, will be in attendance. Stop by our booth and say hi! If you would like to volunteer and receive complimentary Congress registration (in exchange for 3 full days of volunteering). Val will also be giving two presentations: “Ecological Restoration in Cities” and “Metaphors for Teaching Ecological Restoration”.


Reminder - U-Pass 

RNS Diploma (credit) students are not automatically enrolled in the U-Pass, but may opt-in. To do this, we would send a Proof of Enrolment letter on your behalf to the UVSS Info Booth. Then you would visit the Info Booth (in the Student Union Building) to pay, and then the ONE Card Office (in University Centre) to validate your card. Please contact us if you’re interested. Unfortunately, non-credit students are not eligible for the U-Pass, but can purchase a monthly bus pass at a discounted rate from our Registration Desk (2nd floor, Continuing Studies Building). The discounted bus pass is $77 instead of $85, and it's available to students who are full-time (minimum of three courses per term, not including online courses).


2018 SER-WC Conference – Call for Volunteers 

The Western Canada Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration is holding a conference in Vancouver from February 13 to 17, 2018, and is looking for volunteers to help with various aspects of the conference organization. Please see this document for more information or contact Cassandra Copp at



Learn about job postings, course schedules, and restoration news on our Restoration and Sustainability LinkedIn page! Click here to join.



For more information:

Program Coordinator 250-721-8463 |

Gina Anderson, Program Assistant 250-721-8458 |

Val Schaefer, Academic Administrator 250-472-4387 |

Register: 250-472-4747 or 2nd floor of Continuing Studies Building, weekdays 8:30am to 4:30pm.

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