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Restoration of Natural Systems Program



Ecological Restoration Program


Program news

Online Registration for All Program Students Coming Soon!

Starting in December 2018, RNS Diploma and Certificate program students will be able to register online! A forthcoming email notification will provide details. If you are a student in the Ecological Restoration program you can already register online for your spring course (ER 502) by following the links on the course description page here: https://continuingstudies.uvic.ca/science-and-ecological-restoration/courses/ecosystem-design-through-propagation-of-native-plants


RNS Student Technical Paper Series

The academic administrator of the restoration programs, Val Schaefer, will be on study leave from January to April, 2017. If you are working on your ER390 or ER400 project and presentation, please touch base with Val before Christmas holidays. While Val is on leave, Don Eastman will be available to assist you with your project and will grade projects submitted in that time frame. Don was the academic administrator for the RNS Program for several years and we welcome his expertise. 


Co-op applications due Jan. 20: RNS diploma students

The ER390 reports submitted as part of your RNS Diploma represent a significant community resource and we make them available online for reference. They are on the urbanecology.ca website rather than uvic.ca because the university has concerns about copyright for some of the images that students may have included in their reports. If you would like to check online to see if your report is there the website is: http://www.urbanecology.ca/rns/. It may take a while for your report to download if the file you gave me is large, so give it time. If your report is not there and you would like it posed please send me a pdf and I will put it on the website. If your report is online but you would prefer that it is not available to download let me know and I will remove the link. - Val Schaefer, Academic Administrator, Restoration Programs.


ER505: Climate Change in Ecological Restoration to run again summer 2018!

If you are in the Ecological Restoration Professional Specialization Certificate Program, and missed it last summer, you have another opportunity to take this new course that addresses various aspects of climate change in a restoration context! Registration will open in February 2018.


Reminder – Spring Drop Dates

Please remember to check your spring course drop dates. When you register for a course we send you a welcome letter that contains important information, including DROP DATES. If you miss the drop dates you could end up owing 50% or even 100% of your course tuition. General guidelines are as follows:

Drop dates for online courses:

Exact dates are listed in the University of Victoria calendar http://web.uvic.ca/calendar2017-09/general/dates.html and updated annually. Please consult the calendar for information.

Course drop dates for 5-day courses:

  • If you drop the course on the first day - 100% tuition refund.
  • If you drop the course on the second day - 50% tuition refund.
  • If you drop the course on the third day - Withdraw without penalty of failure, no refund.
  • If you drop the course after the third day you will receive an “F” grade, and no refund.

Course withdrawal: students wishing to withdraw from a course—for any reason—must do so by contacting the program office at artssci1@uvic.ca.


Checking Your Grades

We encourage you to log on and check your final grades online. Depending on whether you are a credit or non-credit student, there are different places to check your final course grades.

  • If you are an RNS Diploma (credit) student: you can view your grades by logging in to the UVic home page and searching under “My online tools”.
  • If you are an RNS Certificate or ER Certificate (non-credit) student: you can view your grades by logging in to the Continuing Studies website. Click on “My Account” near the top right of the page, then click on “Transcripts


Reminder - U-Pass

RNS Diploma (credit) students are not automatically enrolled in the U-Pass, but may opt-in. To do this, we would send a Proof of Enrolment letter on your behalf to the UVSS Info Booth. Then you would visit the Info Booth (in the Student Union Building) to pay, and then the ONE Card Office (in University Centre) to validate your card. Please contact us if you’re interested.

Unfortunately, non-credit students are not eligible for the U-Pass, but can purchase a monthly bus pass at a discounted rate from our Registration Desk (2nd floor, Continuing Studies Building). The discounted bus pass is $77 instead of $85, and it's available to students who are full-time (minimum of three courses per term, not including online courses).


Thierry Bodson

Thierry Bodson, RNS Co-op Student, spent a summer at the Waterton Lakes National Park (Parks Canada) working to minimize human-wildlife interactions.

Other updates

Co-op Program Opportunities

UVic RNS students have such a range of hands-on learning opportunities available to them. One of these opportunities is co-operative education, where students can compliment coursework with career training and work-integrated learning. Many RNS students have joined Co-op this fall and will hopefully be learning in a workplace sometime next year!

In previous terms, UVic RNS students have worked on restoration projects with organizations like Parks Canada (across Canada), Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team, and Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. But we know that RNS relates to more than just hands-on restoration, other RNS students have worked in research, community engagement, and environmental education functions with organizations like the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resources, Habitat Acquisition Trust, and Gorge Waterway Action Society.

If you are interested in learning more about RNS co-op, you can contact Helen Kobrc, Co-op Coordinator at hkobrc@uvic.ca. You can also drop by the office – DTB A204 or give her a call at 250-721-7358. The next admission period is January 2018.


2018 SER-WC Conference – Call for Volunteers 

The Western Canada Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration is holding a conference in Vancouver from February 13 to 17, 2018, and is looking for volunteers to help with various aspects of the conference organization. Please see this document [file] for more information or contact Cassandra Copp at restorewc@gmail.com.


2018 SER-WC Conference – Call for Volunteers 

The Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team and the Restoration of Natural Systems Program have teamed up again to and will offer another research colloquium this fall. It will be on Friday, November 17, from 9:00am to 4:30pm at the University of Victoria campus in the Cadboro Commons Building (same as last year). The theme will be: “New Ways of Understanding Garry Oak Ecosystems.” We will look at how citizen science is being used to help understand and restore Garry Oak ecosystems. Also, we now look at the Garry Oak Ecosystem as a layered landscape that has been shaped by its historical context and how contemporary social priorities are shaping its future.

As in the past, the purpose of the GOERT Colloquium is to bring together people who are planning or conducting research and restoration projects relevant to Garry Oak Ecosystems to have them present brief descriptions of their studies and results to prompt discussion and encourage coordination and collaboration among groups. The full program can be found at http://www.goert.ca/activities/wp-content/images/GOERT-Colloq-2017-program-v1.pdf.

  • Posted Dec. 20, 2017