Advanced Principles and Concepts of Ecological Restoration

PART OF: Restoration of Natural Systems - Certificate, Restoration of Natural Systems - Diploma

Course description

An advanced investigation into the meaning, limits, and significance of ecological restoration, including:

  • how restoration is defined and why clear definitions are important
  • the role of historical knowledge in restoration
  • the changing character of restoration in a technological culture
  • ethical issues in restoration practice
  • participation and political process
  • cultural inclusion and the significance of restoration as a cultural mode
  • the international scope of restoration
  • the paradox of design

Course code: ER411

How to register

To register, please call the Continuing Studies Registration Desk at 250-472-4747, Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

If you’re not currently enrolled in the Restoration of Natural Systems (RNS) program, you must obtain approval from the Program Coordinator ( before registering.

Credit (diploma) students pay $100 of the course tuition upon registration, with the remainder paid via their UVic MyPage account.

Non-credit (certificate) students pay the full course tuition upon registration.

Additional course details

Course credit

1.5 units at UVic or may be taken on a non-credit basis.


Varies: Typically semi-distance format requiring attendance in person for five to nine days and readings/assignments to be completed before and after the face-to-face portion of the course.


Acceptance to the RNS program or a combination of work and/or education experience equivalent to 3rd year standing, plus completion of ER311 or equivalent.

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Additional fees

Depending on course location, there may be a $600 course fee—in addition to course tuition—paid to the School of Environmental Studies.

Lorene Kennedy Field Course Awards are available to partly offset additional costs for full-time, undergraduate ES declared majors and minors, Environmental Studies graduate students and students in the RNS program.