We hope the morning was as delightfully frightful for you as it was for us. Today, Continuing Studies staff took part in our annual Halloween celebration — the level of creativity seems to grow each year.

Our hard-working Registration team dressed up as a pack of Dalmations and was accompanied by the evil (but today, somewhat more stunning than usual) Cruella de Vil. The Marketing team claimed they "gnome" the best places to travel as they featured our 2018 Travel Tour destinations, while the Arts and Science unit gave their best "ARR" grins to their mateys.

Members of the Dean's Office wore wasabi and pickled ginger atop their heads, masquerading as scrumptious sushi rolls; the Health and PR unit stood tall as a family of stickmen; and of course Waldo was the life of the party, telling stories to a "software pirate", a "salmon-run" and Harry Potter.


  • Posted October 31, 2017