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Which Finnish level should I take? 


This is an introduction to the Finnish language. Conversational basics will be covered as well as the primary grammatical structures and pronunciation basics. We will also cover the origins of the Finnish language and the relationship between it and other languages in Europe. A reasonable grasp of conversational Finnish will allow you to use it in travel situations or in simple inquiries and discussion.

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This course is intended for those who have completed Finnish: Introductory (or the equivalent). We will look at more complex aspects of Finnish grammar and syntax, and we will work to further hone your conversational skills in a friendly, entertaining environment. Online resources will be used to enrich in-class study.

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This intermediate course is intended for those who have completed Finnish: Beginner (or the equivalent). The more intricate aspects of Finnish grammar and syntax will be treated and conversational skills will be advanced to a higher level. Online resources will be used.

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We encourage students to participate in our language courses more than one time in order to truly learn the material taught over 10 lessons. It also gives you additional exposure to varying activities within each topic.

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