Studying French at UVic is easier than you think.

Learn to speak French, or improve your French language proficiency, and gain a detailed knowledge of Francophone cultures in Canada and around the world. This non-credit diploma program is open to adults at all levels of proficiency. It is designed to meet the needs of a wide audience from working professionals to parents with children in French immersion or anyone wanting to learn to speak French.

Program Description

This non-credit diploma program is open to adults at all levels of proficiency. It features five levels, each level taking a full academic year (fall and spring term) to complete. As participants can enter the program at any level, based on an initial level assessment, the program can be completed in one to five years.

Levels one and two meet twice a week for two hours. Levels three to five meet once a week for three hours. Evening classes are offered at all levels, and a daytime option is offered at some levels if enrolment permits.

The mandate of this program is to provide members of the community with educational programs to achieve an advanced command of the French language and a detailed knowledge of the Francophone culture in Canada and of Francophone cultures in the world.

Program Features

  • A progressive and communicative approach
  • Regular evaluation with tests and exams
  • Supportive and professional instructors
  • State of the art classrooms and language labs

Who is this program for?

This program is mainly designed for professionals, parents of children in French immersion programs, but also retirees travelling to francophone parts of the world.

  • Federal employees
  • Legal professionals
  • Bilingual clerks
  • Department of National Defence personnel
  • FSL teachers
  • Reporters
  • Tourism professionals

Program outcomes

At each level—with an increasing degree of complexity and detail—participants will develop their four language skills:

  • oral comprehension
  • oral expression
  • written comprehension
  • written expression

In addition, participants will increase their awareness of the various cultures that make up the Francophone world, and be able to identify and appreciate regional differences in the language structure, vocabulary and pronunciation.

What's next?

For those who have either completed our Diploma Program or have reached a comparable level and wish to further study the language at an advanced level, we now offer a post-diploma course: 

French Language Advanced Course 

Admission and completion requirements

Admission requirements

True beginners may enter the program in September at level one (FLDP100) without being tested.

Admission to any level above 100 is subject to either successful completion of the previous level or level assessment. Students who have studied French before should first have their initial level assessed. Assessments are conducted for newcomers before each term (early September and early January). New students who are not beginners should first book a level assessment by phoning us at 250-721-8630.

If students feel, after one or two classes, that they have been placed at a level that is too high or too low for them they may be moved up or down one level if the instructors agrees that it would be beneficial to them.

Newcomers may enter a course at midpoint in January if they prove a level of proficiency comparable to that of students who have attended the fall term. Final grades for each course are distributed in April.

Completion requirements

The Diploma is awarded upon successful completion of level five (FLDP500).

Optional next step

Post diploma course: French Language Advanced Course

Career options

Some of our grads have pursued careers in the following roles:
  • Federal employees
  • Tourism professionals
  • Bilingual clerks
  • Department of National Defence personnel
  • FSL teachers
  • Reporters



Estimated fees

Description Fee
Program application fee $0.00
Five required courses (Level 1-2 = $539) (Level 3-5 = $439) $4,790.00
Textbook for the first three levels $150.00
Textbook for levels four and five $35.00
Complimentary subscription to Actualité Magazine at levels four and five $0.00
Estimated Total $4,975.00*
Fees listed in this section are only an estimate. Total program fees will vary depending on course selections, student fees, textbooks and taxes.

Application dates

Starting in
September 2018
Accepting Applications
Delivery Style
Face to face
Apply by
Apply online Contact us for more info

How to apply

No program application is necessary.

True beginners can register for FLDP100 in the fall either by phone (250-721-8630 or 250-472-4747), in person at the Continuing Studies building, or online.

Students who have successfully completed a level can register for the next level as they would for any course.