Current students

Getting to campus

Classroom location

Finding your classroom

Your classroom location is printed on your registration receipt. You can also find your classroom by logging in to you Continuing Studies account and viewing the My Courses page. You can also call the Continuing Studies Registration Desk (between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm) to find out where your class is. 

If your course is cancelled, or if there's a room change: an email will be sent to the primary email address on your Continuing Studies/Netlink account. 

Continuing Studies has lots of parking


There are several parking lots for use around the campus. However, all vehicles parked on-campus must display a valid parking permit Monday to Saturday, 24 hours a day. There is no charge for parking on Sunday or statutory holidays.

Daily/hourly parking permits can be purchased from permit dispensers in UVic parking lots: limited metered parking is also available for visitors. Meters and permit dispensers accept cash or credit card.

Visit the Parking and Transportation Services section of the Campus Security website for more information about parking permits and rates.


The campus bus terminal is located beside the Campus Services Building on Finnerty Road. The UVic campus is served by the following bus routes:

  • 4 UVic/Downtown
  • 7 UVic/Downtown
  • 11 UVic/Tillicum Mall
  • 12 UVic/University Heights
  • 13 Ten Mile Point/University Heights
  • 14 UVic/Vic. General
  • 15X Limited Stop Service—UVic/Downtown Esquimalt
  • 16X Limited Stop Service—UVic/Uptown
  • 17 Cedar Hill Special—Mon. to Fri.
  • 18 Cedar Hill Special—Mon. to Fri.
  • 26 UVic/Dockyard
  • 33 UVic from James Bay (when UVic is in full session)
  • 39 UVic/Royal Roads (evening and weekend trips to Royal Oak Exchange only)
  • 51 UVic/Langford Exchange
  • 76x Swartz Bay Express (early Fri. afternoon from UVic, and late Sun. afternoon and evening from Swartz Bay only. Operates only when UVic is in full session.)

You can find more detailed bus information, including schedules, on the Victoria Transit website.

Personal safety on campus

Campus Security Services is committed to promoting a safe and welcoming environment to enhance the well-being of students, staff, faculty and visitors, and protect all University property. Crime prevention/personal safety information and workshops are available through Campus Security.

Campus Security officers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Uvic Campus Security


Campus Security offers a Safewalk service (24 hours) to anyone within the campus boundaries. Call 250-721-7599.

  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings
  • Trust your instincts
  • Plan your route and vary it, if possible
  • Park in well-lit areas
  • Keep your vehicle locked
  • Have your keys ready before you get to your vehicle
  • Check interior of vehicle before entering

In the event of an emergency or to report any suspicious activity, contact Campus Security Emergency at 250-721-7599 or 911 (Emergency) for Police, Ambulance, or Fire

A reminder: wallets and purses are attractive targets to thieves. Don’t leave them unattended or in unlocked rooms.


Emergency procedures—just in case

Although major emergencies on campus are unlikely, it’s a good idea to be prepared. Here are a few tips to help you respond when the unexpected happens.

  1. Sign up for the UVic Emergency Alerts to get an emergency text message.
  2. Use texting, not calls, to let your family know you’re safe.
  3. At the time of an emergency, check the UVic website for information.
  4. Medical emergency? Call 911 and Campus Security Services at 250-721-7599. Give your location.
  5. Fire? Pull the fire alarm and get out of the building: follow the instructions of the emergency coordinators wearing orange vests.
  6.  Earthquake? Drop, cover and hold on. Do not leave the building until the shaking stops. Go to the playing fields behind CARSA and stay away from the buildings.
  7. Threat of violence? Protect yourself by getting out, hiding or—as a last resort—take action.
  8. If you evacuate a building, take your wallet, keys and mobile phone with you.
  9. Use the UVic mobile app (iPhone | Android) for details on emergency response procedures. 
  10. If you see something, say something: call the Campus Security emergency line at 250-721-7599 to report an emergency, unusual behaviour or personal safety concern.

Getting your grades

If you are taking a course as part of a certificate, diploma or degree program: your grades will be available in My Account after the end of the term. You can access them by viewing your unofficial transcript.

If you are taking a UVic credit course through Continuing Studies: you can view your grades through UVic My page

If you are taking a community course: these courses generally don't provide grades. 


Grade disputes

If you wish clarification on—or are dissatisfied with—your grade for an assignment or a course, first discuss the matter with the instructor who will review the work in question. If you want to appeal the instructor's decision, contact your Program Director to request a formal appeal. You should start this process within three weeks of receiving your final grade. 

For more information, please see the Info for Students FAQ page.