The Listening Heart: Mindfulness and Storytelling

This workshop is for educators, parents and anyone who loves to tell a story. Sharing stories has the potential to be a form of applied mindfulness, where we engage in a way of speaking and listening that opens up connection. In this workshop, we'll explore how to become mindful story-catchers, story-listeners and storytellers, weaving the power of mindfulness into our interactions and building relationships of mutual trust and respect. Drawing on the work of Dr. Rick Hanson, Margo will also discuss the role of storytelling in nurturing resilience. 

Margo McLoughlin

Instructor: Margo McLoughlin

Margo McLoughlin is a teacher, writer and storyteller in Victoria, BC. She offers classes and leads retreats on many topics, including the Buddhist teachings, and the links between mindfulness and creativity. For more about Margo, please visit


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