The Alchemy of Joy – Cultivating Meaning and Peace Amidst Challenge

Meeting ourselves with kindness and compassion, even amidst the real challenges of our lives, is the most basic tenet of mindfulness and meditation. When we are able to bear the storm and to cultivate acceptance, presence and a tenderness to our own suffering, so we are able to re-connect to ourselves and others, and to recognize, again, our strength, gratitude and resilience. It is within this crucible of awareness and connection where our joy emerges. 

Instructor: Dr Mark Sherman

Mark is a family physician with a special interest in mental health and psychophysiological disorders. He is the current executive director and a founder of the BC Association for Living Mindfully (BCALM), as well as Living This Moment. Mark has formal postgraduate training in cognitive behavioural therapy, clinical hypnosis, medical acupuncture and mindfulness-based stress reduction. 

Mark has been facilitating mindfulness-based stress management workshops and courses to patients, physicians, health care professionals, educators and community groups for over 15 years throughout BC and Canada, and is currently working on his first book on mindfulness in medicine. Mark believes that mindfulness and meditation offer powerful tools in healing our minds and bodies, and are necessary skills in fully living to our potential.

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