Mindful Habit Change

How much of our behaviour is habitual? Is anxiety a habit?

How can mindfulness help us change unwanted habits?

Can this change really be delivered through an App??

These questions and more will be addressed in this workshop exploring the App-based programs Unwinding Anxiety, Eat Right Now, and Craving to Quit, developed by Dr. Judson Brewer (MD, PhD) and his team at Mindsciences. Participants in the workshop will learn how we form habits through reward based learning, and how we can use the same reward system to change those habits. Mindfulness is key to this process; simply put, we use mindfulness to hack our brains and improve our wellbeing.

The evidence for these interventions is impressive. In clinical trials, these programs have demonstrated a 63% reduction in anxiety, a 40% reduction in craving related eating, and a smoking cessation rate double that seen with gold standard treatment. (Source: Unwinding Anxiety, Dr. Judson Brewer)

Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Cortez 

Dr. Jennifer Cortez first encountered mindfulness practice almost 20 years ago, as part of her own adventure with anxiety. From the start, it was enormously beneficial, and over the years her practice evolved and became more regular and established. For many years, she wanted to share this practice with patients and was accepted for facilitator training through BCALM in 2018. She has been facilitating eight-week mindfulness classes with BCALM since January 2019. Jennifer discovered Dr. Brewer's work similarly on her own personal journey, first signing up for the Eat Right Now App in 2017. She was accepted into the Facilitator in Training program in 2020.


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