Loving Ourselves into Life

So often our wholesome intentions to live a more healthy and balanced life fall short of our goals. There is a disconnect between what we want and what we do. We often blame and berate ourselves—telling ourselves "we have no discipline; we are lazy or have no willpower." But research shows that berating and judging ourselves is not an energy that fuels change. And sadly, our wholesome desires are corrupted into another way to feel bad about ourselves.

Informed by the research of Dr. Kelly McGonigal and Dr. B.J. Fogg, learn a new approach to change that is more achievable and sustainable. We will practice mindfulness and self-reflection to connect with our values and desires. Aligned with your values, create a context and mindset that is conducive to realizing the change you desire. Be willing to let go of the conventional, risk wholeheartedly embracing yourself, and have fun!

Instructor: Ocean Lum 

Ocean Lum is a facilitator with BCALM. She holds a BSc. in nutrition and biochemistry and a graduate degree in counselling psychology. Ocean began meditating in 1990 and was introduced to Buddhist practice in 2001. She is grateful for the profound effects of meditation to alleviate suffering, enhance joy and cultivate wisdom. She is passionate about mending the mind and heart by integrating science, psychology and spirituality. As a registered clinical counsellor, Ocean offers a holistic approach to anxiety and stress by integrating talk therapy and somatic practices.