Building Adaptive Intelligence - Mindfulness for a Positive Future

Our capacity to create a positive future is built in our inner realms of experience. How we interpret the world around us and choose to respond is the point of power that pivots our decision-making towards better or worse outcomes.

In this workshop, we will explore the following objectives:

  1. review how mindfulness illuminates our inner worlds of perception, interpretation and response,
  2. learn how the brain responds to mindfulness, imagining a positive future and yoga nidra and how these three elements combine to create positivity, optimism and resilience, and
  3. practice several techniques to create a more positive subconscious emotional state that supports our ability to adapt with intelligence, both consciously and subconsciously, to an ever changing world.

The workshop includes a review of the related neuroscience and brain structures, practical applied mindfulness techniques and an experiential journey into the power of the imagination to reveal your potential for a positive future. You may wish to bring a pen and paper or journal, a comfortable yoga mat, cushions and a blanket as the yoga nidra is classically done lying down. Delivered virtually, this workshop can be attended from the comfort of your own home.

Dr. Maia Love

Instructor: Dr. Maia Love

Dr. Maia Love is a wellness consultant and psychiatrist with a specialization in mindfulness-based strategies for happiness and success. She has consulted and helped to build several wellness programs that use mindfulness for greater well-being—most recently a program on developing resilience in the face of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue.

Having led many mindfulness groups over the last eight years, contributed to neuroimaging research on motivation and reward, and now specializing in outpatient mindfulness-based psychotherapy for health care providers and first responders, Maia brings her clinical experience, knowledge and training to her passion for positive psychiatry to create measurable change in individuals and in organizations.