Certificate Program in Environmental and Occupational Health course schedule

FALL 2017 (September - December)

HPEO401: Occupational and Environmental Health Law (M)

HPEO406: Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology (E)

HPEO407: Hazardous Waste Management (E)

SPRING 2018  (January – April)

HPEO403: Risk Management: Perception and Communication (M)

HPEO405: Ergonomics (E)

HPEO411: Health Protection Technology (E)

SUMMER 2018  (May – August)

HPEO404: Human Health Risk Assessment (M)

HPEO409: Environmental Health Economics (E)

FALL 2018  (September – December)

HPEO401: Occupational and Environmental Health Law (M)

HPEO408: Occupational Health Hazards (M)

HPEO450: Safety Program Management (E)


Important Notes for Program Planning

  • All courses are offered online
  • (M) = Mandatory Course: Students need to complete all four mandatory courses.
  • (E) = Elective course: Students need to complete four elective courses.
  • Most recent schedule update: June 2017

Please note: all courses are subject to minimum enrolment and the schedule is subject to change.


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