Richard Carrington

Years as an ELC teacher: 15 years

My name is Richard Carrington, and I retired in January, 2018, after enjoying more than 15 years as an ELC Instructor. 

When I started teaching at the ELC, classes were scattered across campus, but when I left we had our own building. In my opinion, that was the biggest change while I was there.

A memory that stands out is attending the wedding of two ELC students who met and fell in love at UVic. However, my favourite memory is working with my oldest daughter, Ayumi, who was a Cultural Assistant during part of my time there. Another daughter, Yuriko, was doing post graduate work in the science department then, so teaching at UVic really was a family affair in my case.

Teaching at the ELC allowed me to meet interesting people from around the world and to learn about their cultures. It also gave me the opportunity to work alongside a dedicated group of professionals.

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Richard Carrington