Catriona (Young) Allsopp

Name: Catriona (Young) Allsopp

Years as an ELC Teacher: 1999 – 2007

Professionally I learned a lot from all my students (and still do!) but also I think working with people from all over the world is hugely rewarding and I hope it has made me a more flexible and open-minded person than I otherwise might have been. I am also constantly inspired by the students' courage and ultimately their resilience.

I loved any activity or project that taught English at the same time as raising awareness. One of my favourites was teaching a unit on cultural stereotypes, especially when the students acted out the ones they'd noticed about their own culture. It was lots of fun but also cathartic and meaningful. We all learned a lot about our own cultural biases during those lessons, while venting about those directed at us; it was eye-opening as a very universal experience.

My favourite memory from my time as an ELC teacher is Teaching 410 mornings downtown with Neil. Jackie said it sounded like a radio show. :-) He and I were partners for a long time and he was awesome to teach with.

I loved my years being part of the wonderful teaching community at the ELC and have made life-long friends.

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Catriona (Young) Allsopp