Susan Goard

What is your name, and when were you a CA?

Susan Goard; 1994-1998; 2000-2002


How has the ELC changed most since you were here?

It's grown so much! It used to be housed in a little house at the end of a nondescript road on campus. Also, the internet. That changed everything. ;-)


What is your favourite CA tradition?

I don't remember specific CA traditions that weren't associated with the programs overall, but I do remember enjoying the company of the other CAs. They were great co-workers and friends.


What is your favourite sociocultural activity?

Honestly, I liked almost everything. Whale watching was pretty cool, and a treat for even us locals. But I really enjoyed showing the students my city and what it had to offer. I also enjoyed International Night when they got a chance to show off their own culture.


What is your favourite ELC program or CA role?

I liked the longer-term international programs because it gave students a real opportunity to learn the language and use it with other students from around the world and it gave us a chance to get to know people from all over.


Who was your most memorable teacher, CCA, or other ELC mentor, and how did they influence you?

Don Mellings -- because he hired me and laughed at all my terrible jokes. But I remember everyone at the ELC being super nice, friendly and professional.


What is your number one favourite memory from your time at the ELC?

I don't think I have a number one favourite memory in particular from my time there but I would say it was easily my favourite job I've ever had. So maybe the whole thing?


What are you doing now?

I work at the United Nations Headquarters in New York as a librarian: doing UN research and helping others with their UN research.


Do you still keep in touch with any other CAs or past ELC students?

Yes, a couple of other CAs and a number of students. Social media helps. ;-)


Have you ever visited any past ELC students in their home country?

Yes, I saw lots of former students when I lived in Japan, teaching English. I also have looked a few up when I've been in their home countries. It's been great to have mini reunions with them.


How did being a CA affect your life?

It changed it for the better, of course! Professionally, it opened the door to so many international opportunities that built on the experience I had as a CA. Personally, I met some great people from around the world (and from Canada) who expanded my worldview and became good friends in the process. There is a direct line between where I am and what I'm doing today and my time at the ELC. (I am thankful that I no longer have to make posters though. ;-)

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Susan Goard