Janine Kieller

What is your name, and when were you a CA?

Janine Kieller (nee Perfect), Summers of 2010 & 2011


How has the ELC changed most since you were here?

I am unsure as I haven't been there in a long time. ;-)


What is your favourite CA tradition?

Oh, there are SO many favourites, but I loved planning together as a team and the giant CA potlucks with our international students!


What is your favourite sociocultural activity?

I loved taking the students on tours of downtown, as well as the whale watching!


What is your favourite ELC program or CA role?

My favorite CA role was teaching the students about our natural environment on the island and taking them outside to the beach.


Who was your most memorable teacher, CCA, or other ELC mentor, and how did they influence you?

My most memorable ELC mentors were Clint (I'm forgetting his surname) and Jenn Mora (nee Tanner); they were so warm and welcoming, and great mentors through modeling and collaborating :)


What is your number one favourite memory from your time at the ELC?

There are so many fond memories from my time at the ELC, it's hard to just pick one. But I loved playing outdoor games with my students during the evening activities, as I felt like that was when we all came out of our shells and started talking a lot more through play and being big kids having fun! Sardines was SO much fun ;)


What are you doing now?

I am an Inclusive Educator (teacher at an elementary school) in Sooke SD#62. :-)


Do you still keep in touch with any other CAs or past ELC students?

Yes, I am still in touch and good friends with Jenn Mora (previous CA) and I have many of my past ELC students on Facebook (where we will message from time to time).


Have you ever visited any past ELC students in their home country?

No, but that is a dream. :-)


How did being a CA affect your life?

I wished I could do it as a full time career, as I had so much fun and felt like I was making a difference in the ELC students' lives! My confidence grew as an educator with young adults, and being a CA really pushed me out of my comfort zone :)

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