Blake McStravick

What is your name, and when were you a CA?

Blake McStravick. I was a CA in 2013.


How has the ELC changed most since you were here?

I was a CA pre-building expansion, so that was the biggest change.


What is your favourite CA tradition?

Games in the CA room.


What is your favourite sociocultural activity?

I loved the Vancouver trips.


What is your favourite ELC program or CA role?

I did Program 5 as alt-CCA, so that was my fave.


Who was your most memorable teacher, CCA, or other ELC mentor, and how did they influence you?

I really enjoyed working with Kathleen Terrio. So nice!


What is your number one favourite memory from your time at the ELC?

Meeting my wife, Ginger!


What are you doing now?

I work in University Systems - Desktop Support Services. I never left campus!


Do you still keep in touch with any other CAs or past ELC students?

I married one, so we talk pretty often. I say hi to many former CA's that I see around town.


Have you ever visited any past ELC students in their home country?



How did being a CA affect your life?

Immensely! As I mentioned, Ginger and I got married, and we are now parents too! Our little CA baby, Felix, was born December 13th, 2019. The CA job was also a springboard to my career on campus.

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Blake McStravick