Becky Rogers

What is your name, and when were you a CA?

Becky Rogers - I was lucky enough to be a CA between 2013 and 2019.


How has the ELC changed most since you were here?

When I started, we didn't have our beautiful Atrium! I'm so glad I got to be part of the epic CA flash mob that celebrated the new space.


What is your favourite CA tradition?

Without a doubt, our super memorable Casino Night dances. It was the best team bonding experience ever, and the amount of encouragement and trust and laughter that went into our practices over the summer was beyond special!


What is your favourite sociocultural activity?

Such a good question! One of my many favourite sociocultural activities has always been Culture Night. There was an especially memorable one in P7 2017, when two of our CAs, Ayumi and Marisa, encouraged a student to perform and show off his juggling skills. He was the last performer of the night, and the moment when he went for the big throw, and caught it, was the most thunderous applause I've ever heard. Nothing can compare to the feeling of so many students, from different backgrounds and traditions and languages, showing so much love and support for each other.


What is your favourite ELC program or CA role?

It was the absolute greatest joy having a chance to be a CCA. I will never forget the everyday delight of getting to plan our daily meetings around dance practice or super competitive banagrams tournaments! But most of all getting to be together and make memories with so many CAs, and getting to help make the experience, was pretty special.


Who was your most memorable teacher, CCA, or other ELC mentor, and how did they influence you?

I know that we all appreciate how much Don, Deb and Mikko have defined the uniquely caring culture of the ELC. After these three, there are two special people that stand out in particular! My wonderful first CCA Ginger was in every way the essence of kindness and genuine, trusting leadership. She always showed us how much she believed in us and our abilities, and this was something I always tried to carry with me. And also Taylor, for showing me how much I will forever love to dance!!


What is your number one favourite memory from your time at the ELC?

Without a doubt, my most enduring memory is our Casino Night 90s flashback dance in the unforgettable P5 2015. We were legendarily close as a team, and that dance captured how much fun we daily had together as a group. As a CA memory - u can't touch this. :-)


What are you doing now?

I'm incredibly lucky to still be working at UVic, with our team of Community Leaders (CLs) in Residence. I'm the Coordinator, Residence Education, so I still get to be part of a really special team of student staff!


Do you still keep in touch with any other CAs or past ELC students?

Yes, absolutely! My closest friends are CAs.


Have you ever visited any past ELC students in their home country?

Not yet - this is on my list!


How did being a CA affect your life?

Being a CA was a defining experience. Having a chance to create a joyful experience for our students, to watch them build confidence and make forever friends, was something I'm so grateful I could be a part of. Thank you for so many summers full of sunshine and smiles! It was a pretty special moment in time.


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Becky Rogers