Years as a CA: 1991-1996

Current role: Academic Program Coordinator

I had the opportunity to teach EAL in China between 1984-1985 and upon my return, was determined to complete specific training in this area.  My BEd alone was not enough. Upon completion of this training, I got my first CA position for the summer and first teaching job in an elementary school for the fall.  I taught in a private Christian school in Abbotsford during the regular school year but came home every summer to work as a CA/CCA between 1991-1996.  I loved this experience so much and this was before unionization where we were literally working 24/7!  In 1997, I was offered a Program Assistant’s position, and this brought me back to Victoria permanently.  Having the opportunity to move back to Victoria and work in a position where I can meet people from all over the world was and still remains an amazing blessing.  My time as a Program Assistant and sometime elective teacher evolved into the Program Coordinator position that I now enjoy.