Years as a CA: 2002-2003

Current role: International Recruitment Coordinator

In 2002, I returned to Victoria after 9 months spent working and travelling in South America.  I was eager to continue my international/intercultural journey once back in Canada, so when I stumbled upon the ELC’s posting for Cultural Assistants that spring, I enthusiastically applied.  I think I was the last CA hired that summer— just days before the Musashino University program began in August. I spent four weeks with an amazing group of young Japanese women and am still in touch with a few of them. That CA contract introduced me to the field of international education and proved to be a pivotal professional experience for me. After stringing together a few more CA contracts, I had just enough Spanish fluency to be hired as a marketing intern in 2003. I became a continuing part of the ELC’s recruitment team in 2007, and since that time have taken a leading role in coordinating the ELC’s partnerships and activities in Latin America.