Years as a CA: 1993-2001

Current role: Sociocultural Program Coordinator

My first CA summer was 1993, and I’m proud to say I am still friends with students and CAs from “ELPS”, which we now call Program 5. In the years before CAs were unionized, I spent a better part of 6-8 weeks each summer, eating a breakfast of chocolate glazed donuts at our 9am team meetings, attempting to look awake after too many late nights in the student lounge after evening activities. As programs were smaller, all the CAs and students ate together in the cafeteria, and hung out in the sun on the lawn by Ring Road. CAs happily gave out “Blue Cards” to the students we found speaking English, and also created big, colourful activity posters BY HAND to hang in the “Agora” (as personal colour-printers weren’t invented yet). Summers were interrupted only temporarily so that I could complete my Recreation and Tourism degree at another university, but somehow, I managed to find my way back to UVic each July. In time, I was hired as a Program Coordinator for ELPI, twice! I now work with an amazing sociocultural team, planning activities and events for a large number of the ELC’s programs, and am proud have just celebrated my 25th year working at UVic!