Want to learn how to make your video entry stand out?

Now that you have decided to make a video to share your experience at the University of Victoria English Language Centre, check out some of these tips to help you set your video apart from the competition.

View Helpful Instructions (PDF)

Tips and tricks:

  • Film using a camera with high quality HD video. Your story deserves to be told through a lens that makes you look the best that you can.
  • Your video should tell your story and be made for specifically for the ELC & Me Video Contest.
  • The maximum length of your video should be 3 minutes. That doesn’t mean it has to be 3 minutes long. If you can tell your story in less time, great!

Good audio quality is perhaps the number one factor in making a video attention-grabbing and professional looking! So try to minimise background noise and make sure your voice can be heard clearly.

Then give your video a polished feel by adding music. Here are some sites that offer free music available for your video. Please use a song that fits your video theme and does not have copyright. It’s very important that you have permission to use images and music in your video or your video may be pulled from YouTube and disqualified.

Adding more visuals can help tell your story. There are a number of stock image resources where you can download content for free and use when editing your video. Please make sure to credit the author or provide a link back when required.

You may already have video editing software on your computer, but if you don’t, here are some free versions for both Windows and Mac to help you create your video.

Here is tutorial to help you start your video project. There are many others online that you can search for as well.