Tomohiro Minami


“My exciting program was in two parts, classes in the morning and activities in the afternoon. I introduce you some of my memorable things. In my class, I learned how to write and speak English. I could improve my English, especially pronunciation, through these lectures. Therefore, I succeeded in my presentation on final week. As my activity, I attended some conversation clubs with UVic students. The talks with them was very exciting, for example hobbies, majors, and futures. This experience motivated me to study my major, linguistics. One day, I hope to come back UVic as a student.”

What's it like living in Victoria?

I enjoyed many hockey matches with my host family because their son played it. His play was awesome! Also, I enjoyed lacrosse, movies, and BBQ with them. They are my precious memories. Of course, I hung out downtown with my friends. There are many exciting spots. We enjoyed shopping, eating, and talking. You should gaze at the sea in Inner Harbour. As a marvelous event, I run across a Vietnamese lady coming from my country, Japan. She was kind to guide me to my bus stop. Surprisingly, she also studied in UVic. I wish I could meet her again.

Best advice for new students

Enjoy your small talk in English! In UVic, there are many amusing students. Let’s talk with them.

You can enjoy talking about hobbies, majors, and lives in Victoria. You will meet nice friends. You like UVic, eh?

Favourite places

  • To meet friends on campus: Student Union Building
  • To study: UVic Library
  • To relax: Sam’s Deli, the café in downtown

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Tomohiro Minami