Thais de Assis Azevedo


It was definitely the best summer of my life. I learned a lot, improved my English skills, made a lot of friends and enjoyed the most my stay in Victoria. The ELC team is great, teacher and CAs are helpful and always willing to share with us. Classes are interactive and with many communicative activities. The activities organised by the CAs help a lot to improve our English skills and the Culture Night is an amazing experience.

What's it like living in Victoria?

Studying and living in Victoria made me grown as a person, know more about myself and even change ideas I was sure about. Victoria is just the perfect size, not so big and not so small. You can have lots of fun and people are still kind and gentle. The city is beautiful, full of flowers and lovely decorations. And there are lots of artists and creative people everywhere. It’s also safe so you can go out anytime without worries.

Best advice for new students

Be open to every experience. Talk to many people as you can, it will help you a lot to improve your English and it’s also a great opportunity to meet different people and make friends from all over the world. Try to join the activities even if you think you won’t really like it, sometimes you can be surprised by things you could not imagine you would enjoy. Campus is nice and safe so don’t spend your days inside your dorm, go outside, enjoy the weather, meet people and make your time at UVic unforgettable.

Favourite places to go on the weekend: Bastion Square downtown, Willows Beach, Hatley Castle, Thetis Lake

Favourite places

  • To meet friends on campus: SUB, University Centre, Felicita‚Äôs (campus pub) and at the lounges inside the Dorms
  • To study: ELC, Library
  • To relax: Arbutus Beach, the Quad, Beacon Hill Park

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Thais de Assis Azevedo