Tanyeli Sargut


“A special experience during my program was when I helped prepare a ‘haunted coffee social’ event. I made some new friends and we made posters, designed Halloween bags, selected our activity stations etc. It was not all about working, it was so enjoyable! We ate pizza, chips and candy and had lovely conversations.”

What's it like living in Victoria?

My best experience was a Halloween party at a club downtown. We dressed up and went to the party it was so amazing for me because even the bus ride from campus to downtown was so enjoyable! It was an amazing experience to see people dressed up differently and it was so inspiring for someone like me who has never attended a Halloween party before!

Best advice for new students

You have already taken my best advice if you are a student at the ELC! My second advice would be firstly being relaxed and getting to know about Canadian culture. If you are respectful school staff, teachers, host family and friends will gladly help you with what you need in Victoria.

Favourite places

  • To meet friends on campus: Felicitas Pub
  • To study: At home
  • To relax: Darcy’´s Pub

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Tanyeli Sargut