Sebastian Stammkoetter


"I really enjoyed my time at the ELC because I met many new people from different countries. I highly recommend the English Language Centre because of all the volunteers. Often they have different accents, but this made it so interesting for me! I really liked my classmates and my teachers were very kind and friendly. The teaching was excellent and I learned lots of new vocabulary. In addition to this, we also covered some of the most important grammar points, which was very helpful."

What's it like living in Victoria?

Living in Victoria is like being on vacation. The people are very relaxed and enjoy their life in Victoria. The weather is often very nice, so you can go to the beach or do other activities. The people aren’t in a rush and it‘s very comfortable for visitors. Furthermore, I love the nature in and around Victoria with all the nice parks and mountains. On top of these mountains, you can enjoy extraordinary views over Victoria and the surrounding ocean.

Best advice for new students

Don’t be shy… Canada and especially the ELC in Victoria is the most beautiful place to study! You’ll have new experiences, learn many things about Canada, make new friends and improve your English skills. Everybody is very kind and wants to help you feel comfortable all the time!

Favourite places

  • To meet friends on campus: I really love sports so I met my friends at the gym or at the soccer field.
  • To study: The English Language Centre with all the lovely staff!
  • To relax: The atrium is an awesome place to relax, because its the best spot to sit together, have some coffee and talk to many other students.

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Sebastian Stammkoetter