Sebastian Gonzalez


Studying at the ELC was everything I hoped for. Classes are fun, interactive and well thought of. The teachers are friendly, available and inviting. It is easy to make friends, meet interesting people and have fun in after-school activities. There is something unique and inspiring about studying in a university environment that makes the ELC the best choice for any international student. Personally, it was an absolute full-on experience. It changed my worldview and made me grow on a personal and academic level.

What's it like living in Victoria?

Refreshing. I come from a big city where everything is fast and chaotic. Victoria is like going on a nice, relaxing vacation. The weather is great, cold but not freezing. The people are kind and always willing to help. Relationships feel genuine and personal. If you like nature, Victoria is the way to go.

Best advice for new students

Have an open mind! Be willing to talk to everyone, make friends and always ask for help if you need so. Explore, get out of your comfort zone, but most importantly, enjoy and appreciate your time here.

Favourite places

  • To meet friends on campus: The Atrium/Learning Centre in the Continuing Studies Building
  • To study: McPherson Library, Bibliocafe, Learning Centre
  • To relax: Take a walk Downtown, go shopping Uptown or stay at the Mystic Market in the University Centre

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Sebastian Gonzalez